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If you have received the dreaded “Notice of Audit and Examination” you are likely experiencing some anxiety- if not sheer panic. If you are being audited by the IRS, DOR, or any other entity help is available. Attempting to deal with an audit without professional representation often leaves the taxpayer at a major disadvantage. We are here to help!


Manning & Associates has helped hundreds of clients through a variety of audits.  We have invaluable experience dealing with IRSDepartment of RevenueL&I,  and Employment Security audits. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that you are entering the audit with solid figures and the support of expert accountants backing you up.


Our Process:

First- We meet with you and determine what data is needed in order to validate the figures in question. We will help you to compile and organize proof to present the auditor.


Second- We validate. Our experienced accountants will do all necessary calculations and determine exactly where any discrepancies may be. Consider this to be a “pre-audit”. This step most often saves the auditor time, and therefore you money. It also prepares us to be able to confidently represent you with solid figures.


Third- We confirm with you the final calculations and any potential problems. We make it a priority to ensure that you know just where you stand before ever entering the audit.


Fourth- We argue your case on your behalf. Not knowing what information to divulge to an auditor and how to answer their questions can often get taxpayers in trouble. We take the brunt of that responsibility. By conducting the “pre-audit” we can confidently and accurately present and argue a case to the auditor.  More often than not this method reduces the time spent in the audit and your culpability as determined by the auditor.


Often times taxpayers are deceived by television and internet ads boasting that they can “settle for pennies on the dollar.” These types of schemes are designed to cost you a great deal of money in the end for little or no benefit. At Manning & Associates, we take our client’s best interest very seriously. We will never pitch to you unrealistic or inaccurate promises. Our priority is to advise you in a way that will best benefit you, give you peace of mind, and help you to move forward with a plan.


Give us a call today at (253)752-3920 for a consultation about your business or personal finances.


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